Turkey - gateway to Asia

You’d expect a country that has one foot in Europe and the other in Asia to offer something special in the variety of culture, history and landscapes at its disposal: and Turkey doesn’t disappoint.
This rectangular shaped and incredibly diverse country extends to over 1600 km in length and is simply a tour de force, taking in just about pretty much everything in terms of scenery.
Beaches, lakes, mountains, coves, picturesque ports, waterfalls, hot springs, centuries old villages, are all part of the Turkey experience. Of course it helps to be washed on three different sides by different seas!
Turkey is not only at the physical intersection of Europe and Asia, with Africa not too far off in the south, by the way, it is also a crossroads of religion, history and empire.
The historical relics of the Greeks, Romans or Ottomans, to name just three but not all of the civilisations that have made Turkey home at some time or other, have left an incredible cultural and archaeological legacy and no place showcases this better than Istanbul.

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Turkey - where to go

Europe’s largest city, Istanbul is a multi layered kaleidoscope of culture and architecture and it is not known as the “Paris of the East” for nothing. This unofficial title indicates the beauty of the place which, striding two continents takes in Byzantine monuments and churches, Ottoman palaces, bazaars aplenty, great restaurants and a pretty fantastic nightlife to boot.
In truth, Turkey has so much to offer that perhaps from a travellers point of view, it can be viewed as continent in itself rather than a country.
Whatever one calls it, ordinary is not a word that can be used in describing Turkey. It is anything but.

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