Álava - The most southern of the three provinces in the Spanish Basque region. 
Here you can find a variety of landscapes, an absolutely unique character and domestic agriculture.
Due to these circumstances, Álava offers wonderful nature areas like the nature park of Valderejo.

Álava - what to see

In Alvala, you will find a lot of different nature parks such as the Parque natural de Izki or the Parque natural del Gorbea with an amazing waterfall.
Furthermore, you should visit Iruña-Veleia because of the impressive Roman excavations.
The capital Vitoria-Gasteiz presents the cathedral Santa María, that inspired Ken Follet for his book "World Without End".
You can visit different museums such as the Artium or the heraldry museum.

Álava - gastronomy

The gastronomy of Álava has his own specialties, influenced by the Basque cuisine of Castile and La Rioja.
Pinchos are served in every restaurant, but for a unique experience, you should order peretixikos (special type of mushrooms) or snails.
For dessert, the traditional pudding Goxua (contains cake dough, caramel and cream) is waiting for you!
Last but not least: You have to try the red wine Rioja from the south. Just delicious!

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