Cape Winelands - mild climate and vineyards

Cape Wineland in the east of Cape Town is a cultural and scenic gem east from Cape Town and just one hour away from the airport. Rich, green and autumn red winefields are nestled up to the majestic mountains, wide and open valleys stretch endless, reminding of the Mediterranean regions of Italy, but the exotic African flair is ubiquitous.
Here you can combine exquisite enjoyment of wine with wandering through the wonders untouched nature. Experience luxury wine tasting, follow one of the carefully selected wine routes with their historic wine farms, or explore the wild, untamed nature of South Africa, with its worldwide unique vegetation and adventurous offers – from horse riding to cheetah outreach programmes. Indulge yourself in the romantic atmosphere of our cosy, beautiful hotels or reside directly on one the wine farms and relax after a day full of excitement with a glass of wine viewing this incredible landscape.

Where to Stay in Cape Winelands

In Cape Winelands reigns a very special atmosphere. The love for wine of this region is ubiquitous, but there is way more to explore here. No matter, if you plan to devote your time here to joys of wine tasting or rather spend an intimidate holiday in a romantic hotel with private atmosphere, we have the suiting accommodation for you. In our selection you will find beautiful Hotels and Boutique Hotels with charm and character, lodging directly on the wine farms, country hotels or family hotels and holiday apartments.

What to Do in Cape Winelands

Cape Winelands is all characterized by the wine production. Because of the Mediterranean climate, the rough  breezes from the Atlantic ocean and the fertile soil, today Cape Winelands is one of the most renowned wine regions worldwide. Wines like the Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz and Pinot Noir grow here.
Enjoy the all surrounding love for wine with all your senses. Do a horse ride into the wine fields , a day trip along one of the beautiful and distinctly marked wine routes or take a ride on the Franschhoek Wine Tram.
But this region has way more than just good wine. Nature here is hiding numerous of precious treasures. For example you can hike in the area of the Cape Winelands Biosphere Reservat, or visit the crocodile park or cheetah outreach programme, where you can watch and interact with the cats.
Make sure not to miss the cultural towns of Paar, Stellenbosch and Fankenhoek with their historic centers, restaurants and beautiful markets. Franschhoek is an old hugenott settlement with an exceptional cultural heritage. As you can see, a rich and varied programme awaits you, so take enough time, to explore this magnificent piece of world!