Where to stay in Minho?

The province of Minho is known for its green hills, vineyards, historic towns and quaint fishing villages. The region is named after the Minho River, which forms the border between Portugal and Spain. Wine growing is particularly important in the region. Vinho Verde, a sparkling white wine, is produced here. 

Visitors should definitely include the city of Braga in their planning. It is the third largest city in Portugal and welcomes visitors with its extraordinary charm. The city was once the bishop's seat and religious centre of the country. However, Guimarães is also a wonderful place to visit. Here you will find the Guimarães Castle, which is definitely worth a visit. The first king of Portugal was born here, which is why the city was the first capital of Portugal and is considered the "cradle of the nation". In addition, the historic city centre of Guimarães has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2001.

The province also has plenty of natural beauty to discover. The Peneda-Gerês National Park stretches across the north-east of the region and offers great, untouched nature. Overall, the province of Minho is a fascinating region of northern Portugal, rich in history, culture, nature and culinary delights.

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The Minho in Northern Portugal

If you are thinking about what to do in the province of Minho, you'll find it right here: Start in the city of Braga. Here you will find many historic churches and cathedrals, including the impressive Sé de Braga, one of the oldest cathedrals in Portugal. You should also definitely visit the pilgrimage church of Bom Jesus de Monte, which towers high above the city. You can get to Braga's most famous sight either by climbing an impressive staircase or by taking the cable car. Behind the church, you can visit a great park that is also well suited for families. For those who long for even more relaxation, the Jardim de Santa Barbara is a veritable flower garden that invites you to stay a while.

From Braga, you can also make a perfect excursion to the Peneda-Gerês National Park. Only 100 km from Porto, you will find a magnificent landscape of mountains, rivers and lakes. There are numerous hiking options that lead to waterfalls and pristine lakes. The most flexible way to explore the Peneda-Gerês National Park is by car. 

For the more adventurous, the province of Minho also offers many different sport activities. For example, you can try canoeing on the Rio Lima, surfing on the coast or paragliding over the mountains.

If you are looking for less touristy destinations, take a trip to the charming village of Ponte de Lima. Here you will find a scenic old town and an impressive bridge over the Lima River. The medieval bridge is one of the town's main attractions. Ponte de Lima is also known for its special gardens. The Arnado Park is part of a global project that aims to enhance the riverfront. The park is a great place to relax.

You can also visit the village of Viana do Castelo, one of the most interesting and attractive coastal towns in northern Portugal. The town is a good starting point to explore the Minho region. The town's history dates back to pre-Roman times and offers not only unique architecture but also great beaches. The city's costume museum is also a great place to visit, showcasing traditional Portuguese fashion. If you're looking for further insight into Portugal's traditions, you should visit the Museum of Decorative Arts, which exhibits azulejos, the traditional blue and white tiles for which Portugal is known. The museum's great collection dates back to the 18th century. Or climb aboard the restored hospital ship Gil Eannes. The ship provides a great break from the churches and traditional museums of the area. Here you can explore the inside of the hospital ship, including the operating theatre in the belly of the ship. We have picked out some nice small hotels and country inns in the Minho region for you.

Gastronomy of the Minho

The Minho region is known for its viticulture. Be sure to try the region's Vinho Verde. Discover Portuguese cuisine in the local restaurants, where you can enjoy traditional dishes such as caldo verde, grilled fish and meat dishes. Caldo Verde is one of the most famous dishes of the local cuisine. The cabbage soup with sausage is made with potatoes, onions, garlic, olive oil and Galician cabbage. The dish is especially popular in the winter months and is often served as a starter. 

Another popular dish is Arroz de Sarrabulho, a rice dish made with pork, pork blood, rice, peppers, onions and garlic. The dish has an extremely intense flavour and is often served on special occasions.

Bacalhau is an important part of Portuguese cuisine, and in Minho it is prepared in several ways. One of the most common versions is Bacalhau Braga. Here, the stockfish is baked with potatoes and onions. The dish is often garnished with eggs and olives.

In addition to these savoury dishes, Minho cuisine also offers a variety of starters and sweet dishes. Among them, for example, the Pasteis de Chaves, a pastry filled with meat or vegetables. Arroz Doce, a creamy rice pudding with cinnamon, is also famous in the region.