Where to stay in Faial

On the beautiful archipelago of the Azores, we have a great collection of vacation homes, B&Bs, wellness hotels and more. On Faial we have something very special: Glamorous Camping (short: Glamping), meaning a very luxurious type of camping. Whether yurt with open-air kitchen or a bungalow made of wood. Glamping on Faial is having your own little kingdom surrounded by palm trees, in the middle of peaceful nature and with down-to-earth luxury.

Activities in Faial

Being a small island, the sea is always just a few minutes away. Relaxed beach vacation or totally up for activities with all kinds of land and water sports.

Different parts of the island are more suitable for different sports, but you will always be within reach of spots for sailing, windsurfing, rowing and surfing. The capital, Horta, is an ideal place to go whale watching, to swim with dolphins, to go diving or to take a boat trip. In well-maintained whalers or rented kayaks you may sail through the channels between the islands.

The island is also known as a volcanic paradise. A must-see is the Caldeira, the volcanic crater in the center of the island, from where you will have the best view of Faial and, if you are lucky, of the other islands of the triangle. Make sure, however, that the weather cooperates! If it's cloudy, you won't be able to see anything, and if it rains, the path might be muddy and slippery.

Due to the volcanic nature of the island, you will find some beautiful beaches with black volcanic sand. Praia da Porto Pim is considered one of the most beautiful beaches. On land, there are also a variety of hiking trails through the mountains and coastal areas. For adrenaline-pumping activities, you can mountain bike or try a 4x4 jeep and kart cross.

The Scrimshaw Museum in Horta displays a collection of artworks made from the teeth of whales and other sea creatures. The capital of Faial is a wonderful place to stroll, admire the colorful houses along the harbor, and enjoy some very good food. The botanical garden is also worth a visit.

Gastronomy in Faial

The Azores are known for their fresh seafood and local specialties like Azorean cheese and wine – best enjoyed together.

The main dishes are freshly caught seafood from the ocean surrounding the island. One of the most typical dishes of the island is octopus stewed in wine, but fish soup and bouillabaisse are also served with bread and corn cakes.

For the carnivores among you, there are sausages and black pudding served either as a meal or as a snack, often accompanied by sweet potatoes.

For dessert, be sure to try the typical Fofas do Faial, dumplings flavored with fennel seeds and baked in the oven before being filled with egg cream, milk, sugar, flour and lemon zest.

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