Morocco - a fascinating country

Morocco is at once a world away but strangely familiar. Casablanca, Marrakesh, Tanger slip off the tongue as places we’ve all heard of, yet the country still retains an aura of the exotic even to this day – that colourful one thousand and one nights feel and atmosphere.
The fact of the matter remains that Morocco is an intrinsically beautiful land, one that abounds in a heritage and culture. As soon as you set foot on its shores you will be transported to another time and place totally different from what you will leave at home, but at your disposal there lie fascinating cities and landscapes that vary from snow-laden slopes to the highest mountain ranges in Africa and pristine deserts. Morocco's southern coast boasts pleasant weather all year long, meaning that summer never ends. 

Morocco - Riads, Dars and Hotels

The most authentic places to stay in towns in Morocco are located in the heart of the Medina and are called Riad or Dar, which are characterized by for being built around a central patio with a fountain. Many also have an external living area protected by a wall. The large terrace on the top floor was used to communicate with the neighbours and the household chores. Nowadays the terrace has a more “European” purpose and is used as dining room or leisure area. Unlike Dars, Riads also have a garden. In our selection you can choose between a Dar or Riad in Essaouira, a Riad in Marrakech or a Riad in Fez.

Morocco - where to go

Marrakech: Marrakech is undoubtedly one of the greatest cities in North Africa, not to mention Morocco itself. The bustle of the Medina, palm-lined streets and red-earth walls all make for a memorable stay. Ouarzazate and Skoura: get a feel of the desert and its oasis just 3 hours drive from Marrakech.
Much of Fez still holds on to its French roots and you will no doubt be hooked by its Francophile sights, sounds and colourful smells. It has enough attractions too keep you busy for a few days.
Erfoud: Erfoud is located right on the border of the Sahara Desert. Unsurprisingly, it makes for an excellent base for exploring the desert, 4x4 tours and camel trips. Home of the Moroccan specialty 'kalia',
The High Atlas
is the biggest mountain range in North Africa and offers an impressive range of activities, including, mountain biking, hiking trails and mountain photography. Its high peaks (over 4000 metres) provoke a high level of rainfall and so it boasts many fertile valleys surrounded by rivers and waterfalls. It all makes for some breathtaking sights that should not be missed and which cover some of the most beautiful regions of Morocco. The villages in the High Atlas are small but thriving and home to the Berbers - enduring, hospitable and very friendly people.

Local customs

The Moroccans are an extremely hospitable people. Following some basic guidelines will further enhance your enjoyment of Morocco: - Avoid provocative clothing. - Accept mint tea when offered, this a sign of hospitality. - Avoid drinking, eating and smoking in public in daytime during the period of Ramadan. - It is not unusual to be invited by a Moroccan family for a meal. In this case wash your hands, as a symbolic gesture and wait for the master of the house to intone the bismillah (in praise of God).
Gastronomy When in Rome, do as the Romans, so when in Morocco we strongly suggest trying any of the following delicacies. Delicious kebabs are ubiquitous and cooked at the entrance to the souk, in squares or at the roadside, convenient and cheap. Couscous is the traditional family dish for Friday lunch, but you will find it every day in restaurants. You can taste many different types of couscous during your visit, for they vary according to the region and the cook's imagination. Mechoui: Oven or spit roasted lamb. Pastilla: A fine flaky pastry stuffed with pigeon and almonds: The famous Moroccan sweet and salty taste. There are also variants with fish, chicken and even with milk for desert. Tajine: The national dish of Morocco. The word designates both the decorated earthenware plate with its distinctive conical cover and the dish itself (meat, chicken or fish stew with vegetables). What you might not know is that there is a very tasty wine loacl to Marrakech, which is rarely found in Europe. The “vin gris” or grey wine, is a delicious dry wine with a rosy/grey colour.