Val d´Aosta -

Val d´Aosta is the smallest region in Italy, situated between the French Alps and the Piemont region in Italy. It consists of the valleys and mountains between the Mont Blanc and the Mont Rose as well as the National park Gran Paraiso. The varying landscape is truly magnificent and partly even belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage as the Langhe hills. Being located in Italy and at the border to France, the official languages are French and Italian.

Gastronomical treasures can be found in the wine and truffle assortment.

Val d´Aosta hotels

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What to do and see

The region is famous for its skiing lopes and winter sports, including all kinds of skiing, snowboarding and snow shoe hiking. From the mountain tops as well as the cable cars, you can enjoy amazing views.
During the rest of the year it is also ideal for walking, hiking or mountain biking. The tourist attractions here are mostly the amazing landscapes itself and the way to discover them.
For cultural interests, the region offers some old castles, churches and museums and for relaxing you will find a lot of wellness offers.


The Val d'Aosta has, through its influences from France, Italy and Switzerland, a true treasure trove of gastronomic delights. Most famous for this region are the white truffles, which are used to add up to other traditional dishes. Typical are also the porcini mushrooms, chestnuts, bagna cauda (which is a sauce made of oil, butter, cream, anchovies and garlic) and different kinds of cheese.

They also know a lot about wine and desert and you will find and can try a great variety of them.