Siena - the medieval style

Politics, economy and arts - Whatever you're looking for, Siena is an impressing city!
You can see the medieval style of old Italian Gothic all over the city. Get inspired by the big cathedral, the uncountable churches and the oldest, still existing bank of the world!

Hotels in Siena

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Activities in Siena

Siena is very famous for the horse race Palio di Siena, that takes place twice a year (July and August). There you can watch live how the 17 districts challenge each other.
Furthermore, you can see the oldest, still existing bank of the world called Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena.
The dome, made of black and white marble, is one of the most spectacular buildings in Siena.
In addition, the pilgrim's hospice Ospedale Santa maria della Scala is an erstwhile children's orphanage and definitely worth a visit!

Gastronomy in Siena

The Sienese cuisine is simple, but top quality!
Normally, the use a lot of olive oil for every meal, which is healthy and locally produced.

Furthermore, they breed the famous Cinta Senese, so that you can taste the wonderful pork of the region!
The most popular antipasti are crostini di fegato (toast with liver pate) or a classic bruschetta.
The traditional first plate is in pappardelle sulla lepre (pappardelle with rabbit sauce), which is followed by pork or beef.
Last but no least: A delicious ice cream and everybody's happy!