Lucca as a Destination

The province Lucca has about 400'000 inhabtiants and it a rarely visited place. But: There's a lot to see!
Three of the most maginificient villas are located in this region. Furthermore, different open air baths invite you to have a rest.
Due to the protection of the Alps, Lucca has a mild and gentle climate.

Hotels in Lucca

Our selection of hotels in Lucca has been done with care to let you get the very best of this place.
The are different boutique hotels, cosy bed & breakfasts and elegant luxury hotels. Whatever your taste, we’ll help you find that perfect getaway.

Activities in Lucca

The three unique vallies of Garfagnana between the Apuan Alps and the Apenins offer a wonderful walking area.
Next to the sea, you can find the beautiful park Torre del Lago. Due to the impressive building work, the Ponte della Maddalena has been called a work of the devil.
Bagni da Lucca was a famous health resort, but nowadays it's a popular destination for a one day trip. You'll find a lot of green parks, pompous villas and innumberable plaques.
Furthermore, the stalactite cave Grotta del Vento is absolutely worth seeing.
If you like biking or mountain climbing, the Apuan Alps are a nice place to go! The mountains, rivers and forests create a relaxing atmosphere.