Latium (or Lazio) is the region of Rome, the eternal city that conjures up so many images of the excitable, romantic Italian stereotype.
Please take note though, there is more to the region than simply this monumental city.
The truth is, this region has everything one can hope to find: a varied landscape of undulating hills, mountains, coastlines, beaches, hinterland and palaces.
And as befits a land that was the cradle of Roman civilisation it is incredibly rich in outstanding relics of this and other periods, with remarkable traces of the Etruscan civilisation to be found at Veio, Vulci, Tarquinia and Cerveter.

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Lazio - gastronomy

The region of Lazio excels in its culinary skills and is thought by many to offer the best regional gastronomy in Italy, which considering the competition is praise indeed.
The great variety of dishes and ingredients is in part due to its central location and history as the apex of a great world empire bringing together a great mix of ingredients.
The empire might be long gone buts its culinary legacy lives on to this day. A genuine and simple way of making tasty dishes - from breads to antipasti, soups and pastas, and lamb – based on fresh produce.