Santorini: one of the most beautiful Greek islands - dream holiday in blue and white

When you hear Santorini, the first thing that comes to mind are, of course, the beautiful white-painted houses on hillsides and endless turquoise-blue sea - that's what the Greek island is primarily known for. But Santorini offers even more. The island, located in the south of the Cyclades, is considered one of the most beautiful islands in Europe. Here you will find spectacular crater scenery, picturesque ambience and unique black and red beaches.

The best places to stay in Santorini? Fira and Oia

There are a number of sights and great beaches to visit on the island. Starting with the capital of Santorini, Fira. The town with its approximately 1,600 inhabitants offers many possibilities, countless restaurants and boutiques are located here. Nevertheless, the town is very touristy, which should be on your mind when visiting. Find a great selection of handpicked boutique hotels and bed & breakfasts in Santorini here. Very close to Fira is the famous "Virgin Mary", the church with the blue roof is probably one of the most famous photo motifs of Santorini.

Another great place is the former fishing village of Oia. The place is a real visitor magnet on the island, home only to restaurants, bars, souvenir shops and hotels. Nevertheless, Oia is also a great photo motif! The old windmills and flower-covered houses also add to the beautiful scenery of the place. Early risers are rewarded with quiet alleys and a relaxed atmosphere for watching the sunrise. From Fira to Oia, you can also take a beautiful hike of around 14 km. Spend your holiday in one of Santorini's hip luxury hotels or a chic holiday home and wake up every day surrounded by the beautiful scenery.

An insider tip, very close to Oia, is the bay of Amoudi. The bay is mainly known for its good fish restaurants and the cliff diving that you can do here. At the harbour, you can explore the small alleys and cool off in the cool water in between.

Santorini – the beaches and countryside

The most beautiful beaches of Santorini are located in the southeast of the island. Kamari beach with its black pebbles is particularly recommended. Here you can also stroll along the pretty beach promenade with its many small shops. Water sports fans will also get their money's worth. You can go jet skiing or water skiing, for example.

Another beach worth visiting is Akrotiri. The beach is set against a spectacular rocky backdrop and impresses with its reddish-brown sandy beach. The coast can be explored particularly well from the water in a kayak. The beach is also close to the ruins of Akrotiri. The archaeological site of Akrotiri, dating back to Minoan times, immerses visitors in a time 500 years ago. Those who wish should also definitely take a boat trip on a catamaran or sailboat. Are you looking for the perfect accommodation for your stay in Akrotiri? Click here for a unique boutique hotel in Akrotiri. The Faros lighthouse, near Akrotiri, is also a great destination. It is in a particularly quiet location and is a nice place for a relaxed picnic. You can also watch the sunset very well here.

If you feel like more exercise, we recommend a walk from Fira to Imerovigli. This is only about 2.5 km long and still offers a great panoramic view. In Imerovigli, a little off the beaten track, on the crater mountain, there is a small chapel. The chapel of San Antonio with its beautiful bell tower invites you to linger, as it is a little off the well-known tourist routes. Also take a hike to Skaros Rock. Here you will find a lookout point with a great view over the surrounding landscape. Sturdy shoes are definitely required, and you should also be free from vertigo.

The villages of Imerovigli and Firostefani are quieter destinations compared to Fira and Oia, but still very beautiful. Imerovigli is made up of the words "imera" and "vigla", which mean "day" and "watchtower". The village lies at the end of the bay in which Firostefani is also located. Imerovigli offers a great panoramic view of the surroundings and the sea. There are also many authentic tavernas where you can enjoy traditional Greek cuisine. All in all, you can experience a particularly unspoilt side of the island in these two places. Here you will find beautiful boutique hotels and stylish luxury hotels.

It is important to choose the right time of year to travel to Santorini. The best weather is in May, June and September. However, a quieter time to travel is generally the end of the season. In October, for example, it can still be very nice, but a little cooler.