Central Greece

The legends of old Greece tell us about the dreamy world of this country and its secret places. And we have to say that Central Greece, especially, has known to keep its magic. The oracle of Delphi, the magic peacefulness of the mountains, the traditional architecture in Karpenisi or the legendary Thebes - they all express the beautiful spirit of this region and await to be discovered! May it be the art or the mountains, this place is truly magical and will for sure seduce you!

Hotels in Central Greece

Breakfast and hotels await you in Central Greece.  Secretplaces highlights only truly special accommodations, so whatever your reasons to travel, be it a romantic getaway, the thrill of staying at a boutique hotel in Central Greece, Secretplaces will help you find the perfect spot.


Trust us: In Central Greece, you'll never feel bored! You can climb up the mountains' top, hike, cycle, and do off-road mountain bike from the top down to the valleys. Besides the many mountains, the region is green and fertile. You can buy local products in charming shops and just let yourself indulge in the endless nature.And if the region counts one not-to-be-missed site, it is for sure the Oracle of Delphi that belongs to the UNESCO world heritage. It's a true gem that has kept everything from its original magic. Don’t worry, you’ll feel it and understand what we mean when you'll visit it! 


Central Greece offers great cheese. Try the Domokos cream cheese and the traditional Formaela cheese! While the first is very light in its taste, the latter is more intense and will delight the little gourmands. In Amfissa you'll find finest olive oil. It's great to taste it with white bread. Accompany it with a glass of white Savatiano wine and you'll have the perfect apetizer! 
And for the main courses, you have a large choice of fish, gyros, pasties, rice and Ravani, a fantastic semolina cake.