The meanders of the Mosel valley are simply stunning. The landscapes of Rhineland-Palatinate are characterized by vast forests, fields and beautiful mountains. There are old castles and left ruins that want to be discovered.
All year long, there are wine festivals in the picturesque villages along the Palatinate wine route. And if you should be there on the rare occasions that there is no wine festival you can just stop at one of the plenty romantic wine yards or do some "wine hiking" as the locals do. Climb up the steep path up to the Hambach Castle and feel the spirit of revolution while you're enjoying the great view or discover the region by bike.

Great wines need to be accompanied by great food, and Rhineland-Palatinate also offers this! The cuisine is typically good and solid, but this might be just the right thing to get new force after doing a extended hiking or bicycle trip.

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Walk from mountain top to mountain top along the many hiking trails. Climb up the steep path up to the Hambach Castle and feel the spirit of revolution while you're enjoying the great view. It's here where 30.000 people went down in history and celebrated together to demand unity and democracy in 1832.

If you like to bicycle, you will love the 'Mountainbike Park Pfälzer Wald' with its over 900 km trails through tortuous paths, fast changes of steep climbs and technically demanding descents. The paths lead to impressive views, romantic castles and rustic huts where you will find great food and drinks. If you love car races, Nürburgring will be a great place to discover.

The region has a common border with France and within short time you can visit the little charming French town Wissembourg and enjoy Alsatian tarte flambée.

The cathedrals of Speyer and Mainz are worth a visit. Mainz is also the place where Gutenberg invented the book press and every hour, you can see how that was done at his times in the Gutenberg Museum. The famous Limes, the famous border defense of the Roman Empire goes through Rhineland-Palatine. In Trier, you can visit antique Roman baths.


The Palatinate if famous for its excellent wines. We recommend to visit one of the many wineries in the region and to try the specialties from the region there. But be careful, the so called 'Pfälzer Schorle' a mix of white wine and sparkling water, is often served with much more wine than water and you're likely to become a bit tipsy. Riesling is very famous for the region and the red wines like Pinot Noir, Dornfelder or Portugieser regularly win prizes for the best German red wines.

In Spring, you will find really great asparagus. All year long, there are specialties made from pork like blood sausage, Bratwurst or liver dumplings. They are normally served with sauerkraut. Although Palatinate has always been known for its rather rustic cuisine, nowadays it has seven Michelin starred restaurants where you will be able to find traditional cuisine combined with extraordinary: Schwarzer Hahn in Deidesheim, Luther in Freinsheim, Krone in Herxheim-Hayna, Steverdings Isenhof in Knittelsheim, Alte Pfarrey in Neuleiningen, Wartenberger Mühle in Wartenberg-Rohrbach und Tschifflik in Zweibrücke.

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