The beautiful department Côtes-d'Amor

Bienvenue in the enchanting department of Côtes-d'Amor, located in the northwest of Brittany. The name of the holiday region is derived from the Celtic word Armor, which means "land by the sea". Steep coastal sections, bays and sandy beaches characterize the 250 kilometres of coastline of the French holiday resort. 

The best time to visit Côtes-d'Amor is in May and June. Usually the temperatures in the region are pleasantly warm, but the beaches and cities are largely empty and only visited by a few tourists. In the interior of the département you will find hilly, green natural landscapes that are ideal for cycling and hiking tours. In addition to the breathtaking nature, you will also find numerous small towns that are ideal for a day trip.

The city of Dinan is an absolute highlight for us. It is built on a hill and has a charming old town with paved streets full of art galleries and restaurants. Picturesque half-timbered houses, a beautiful harbour and an imposing castle give the impression that Dinan's time stood still in the Middle Ages.

The best hotels in Côtes-d'Amor

The hotels and accommodations in Côtes-d'Amor are just as fabulous as the surrounding landscape. From luxurious hotels to cosy apartments, you will find a wide range of accommodation options to suit every need and give you an insight into french life. We will be happy to help you find the right accommodation for your holiday.

Breton cuisine

From lobster and mussels to oysters and algae. A stay in Côtes-d'Amor becomes a gourmet trip for seafood lovers, as Breton cuisine is strongly influenced by seafood and fish, mostly in combination with French fries.

Galette, a pancake baked from buckwheat flour, is also a speciality in Brittany. The light snack between meals can be taken in many ways, for example you can find galette with cheese and ham or also with jam and fresh strawberries.

Activities in Côtes-d'Amor

Admittedly, with an average water temperature of 16 to 18 degrees in summer, Côtes-d'Amor is not the ideal holiday resort for beach and bathing days. But for wind and kite surfers, the region is a true paradise with its mighty waves and long sandy bays. The waves can be up to five meters high and can become a real challenge.

In addition to water sports, Côtes-d'Amor also offers you the opportunity to go on longer walks and bike tours. Along the coast you have a fantastic view of the sea and the individual sandy bays.

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