Alsace - hilly lanscapes and good wine

Alsace is situated in the hilly region between France, Switzerland and Germany. The wide, green landscape offers an ideal place for relaxation. The Alsace region is world-wide known for its wines and gastronomy. Even if the winter seems harsh - what is actually good for the winter sports, much practiced there -, the summer is sunny and warm.

Alsace hotels

We found a nice, romantic boutique hotel in Alsace for you. When clicking on the map or the list on the right, you can see our collection. At the moment we only have to offer one special hotel, but we will add some more in the future. Until then, have a look at our La Grange du Couvent Ribeauville and return soon on our site to see our new offers.

Whatever your taste, we’ll help you find that perfect getaway.

Alsace activities

A special experience are the christmas markets in the Alsace region. Especially known are the ones in Strasbourg and Colmar.

On 2500 kilometres of cycling paths, you can be active and discover the country at the same time.

A visit in the wine caves and a wine-tasting should not be missed, just as much as you should go to one of the traditional wine festivals in the region.

Other must-do´s are the many castles of the Alsace and the fortresses of Vauban, which are part of the UNESCO world heritage.

The beautiful landscapes and nice weather of the Alsace, literally invite you to do some active activities like horseback riding, enjoying a ride in a carriage, hiking, playing golf and many more in winter.

Of course, you also have some more relaxed options as to go to the swimming pools, sauna, get a massage or be cultural and visit a museum.

Discover the traditional Alsatian Cuisine

Influenced by the German culture, the Alsatian Cuisine will make you try unique specialties that you won´t find in the rest of France. 

Going from the most famous regional dish “Sauerkraut”, to the traditional “Flammenküche” and the delicious meat dish “Baeckeoffe” (a stew of three meats), Alsace is known to offer a hearty, tasty and filling food. 

Without forgetting the various types of cheese such as the Munster cheese or the Bibeleskaes, the regional sausages “Knacks”, Strasbourg sausage and Montbelliard sausage, and the famous Bretzels, Alsace is the place where you will always find something to delight your stomach. 

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