Austria - tradition, beauty and the Alps

This is the country of music, snow capped mountains, romantic cities, Hapsburg palaces, winter sports and even the finest pastries, all mixed into a heady brew that takes the name of Austria.

There is a certain paradox about Austria. In many ways a discreet country overshadowed by its huge neighbour, Germany, it has nevertheless been a major contributor to Europe’s culture over the centuries, its legacy as a major European 18th century power and an intellectual environment that promoted the arts provided a perfect platform to develop various forms of music, painting and philosophy. Its musical legacy to the world, for example, is quite unparalleled. 

Some of the greatest composers of all time, Mozart, Haydn, Strauss, Schubert and Mahler, to name but just a few at the tip of a very large iceberg, all came from Austria.

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Looking for that quaint traditional guesthouse in Salzburg or a stylish boutique hotel in Vienna? Maybe a hotel on a lake with great local dishes and wonderful views from the room. Whatever your reasons to travel, be it a family holiday, a romantic getaway or the thrill of staying at a lakeside hotel high in the Alps, Secretplaces will help find the perfect spot in Austria.

Austria - where to go

Of course, Vienna being capital and the country’s largest city has been a great beneficiary from Austria's famous legacy. A city of classical sophistication, its architectural masterpieces include numerous palaces, the Cathedral, elegant boulevards and it even lays claim to being home to the world’s oldest zoo (Tiergarten Schönbrunn). It also boasts a lively and historic cafe culture.
Other cities, such as Salzburg are no less beautiful. Then there are the Alps, ubiquitous orchards and vineyards and the Danube, all of which vigorously prove that Austria does not end at Vienna. Far from it, dig a little deeper and you will scratch the surface of Austria’s fascinating and vibrant heritage.



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